Putting Up With Heating System Noises? Why It May Be Time To Call A Pro

furnace repair and service tampa bay areaIt is important to understand signs that your heating system may be struggling to work, so you can call for service before it breaks down completely on a chilly night — leaving your family shivering and you facing a bigger-than-necessary repair bill. Heating system noises can be good warning signs of small problems, giving you time to call your HVAC technician before the problems worsen.

Here are three common heating system noises, what they might indicate and potential solutions:

  • High-pitched squealing. You might have a slipping blower belt, in which case your technician might be able to resolve the problem by tightening the belt or, if it’s frayed or worn, replacing it. Poorly lubricated bearings in the blower motor can also lead to a squealing sound; lubricating your system’s parts is often a simple fix.
  • Low-pitched rumble. If the burner on your heater is off and the sound is present, it may be a badly adjusted pilot light. If the burner is on, your gas burners are likely dirty. Your technician can give them a good cleaning.
  • Rattling sounds. The problem in this case may be as simple as loose panel covers or other parts on your heat pump or air handler, which can be tightened easily by your technician. You also might have ductwork problems. Loose connections in your ductwork can be addressed with duct sealant or, in more extreme cases, the installation of flexible tubing throughout the problematic stretches. But if your ductwork is simply too small to deliver the conditioned air you need for home comfort, your technician might recommend replacing all or part of it.

For help keeping your HVAC system running smoothly — even if it’s humming along quietly now — contact the certified, professional technicians at Simpson Air. We can troubleshoot your heating system noises and schedule regular preventive maintenance after making any necessary repairs. Well-maintained HVAC systems run more efficiently and last longer.

Service image via Shutterstock.