Looking For A Way To Keep Your Ducts Free Of Contaminants? Turn To These Maintenance Tips

duct work maintenance Tampa Bay areaContaminant-free ducts are important when creating a safe indoor environment for your family. Cleaning your ducts from time to time is important, but you can also conduct some preventative maintenance to keep your ducts clean.

There are two parts to a preventative maintenance program that will keep your ducts free of contamination – ensuring that your are ducts free from dirt and moisture.

Keeping your ducts free from dirt is the first step to contaminant-free ducts. The first factor you need to consider is using the highest efficiency air filter that is recommended by the manufacturer of your heating and cooling system. But it’s not enough to simply install a filter and forget about it; you also need to change the filter regularly. Using an efficient filter and changing it regularly will reduce the chances of dust and pollutants settling in your ducts.

While dirty ducts can cause problems, moisture is perhaps the biggest threat to contaminant-free ducts, particularly for homeowners living in humid climates like South Florida. Moisture can enter the ductwork if it has leaks, if it’s poorly maintained, or if it was improperly installed. Condensation is a major cause of contamination. If there are high levels of moisture in your home, the potential for mold problems increases.

Fixing leaks promptly is an important part of controlling the moisture in your system and maintaining contaminant-free ducts. You also need to keep a close eye on your cooling coils. They are designed to remove water from the air and, as such, can be a major source of moisture contamination if they aren’t functioning properly. Finally, make sure all of your ducts are properly sealed. Sealing ducts and insulating all non-air-conditioned areas will help ensure contaminant-free ducts.

These preventative maintenance steps can help reduce the amount of contamination in your ducts, as can professional service. For help keeping your ducts clean and operating efficiently, contact the experts at Simpson Air today!

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