Not Sure What To Look For In An Air Conditioner? The Motor Matters…A Lot

One air handler component that should be examined closely when comparing replacement heating and air conditioning units, is the air conditioner motor. These come in both fixed and variable-speed models. The variable-speed, while it will cost you a little more, uses about 60 percent less electricity than single-speed models.

Uncertainty about near term economic prospects, rising energy costs and decreasing purchasing power of the dollar all make this a good time to think about maximizing the efficiency of your home and lowering your fixed costs. Upgrading your HVAC system is one of the most cost effective ways to move in that direction. This is an especially important consideration for residents of the Tampa Bay area, where high temperatures and humidity make shutting down your AC unit to save money an unrealistic option.

At the same time, using this technology, which has been around for some time in nonresidential use, helps keep our environment cleaner. These new systems reduce carbon dioxide emissions, for your home alone, by about 2 tons per year.

In addition to lower operating expense and less environmental pollution, a blower with a variable-speed air conditioner motor performs better.  When starting, it ramps up slowly and quietly, passing through programmed speed settings, rather than with a loud blast of air.  At the end of the cycle, rather than just switching off, the air conditioner motor slows gradually, transitioning through preset speed settings.

These motors can also be set so that the fan runs continuously, at low speed. This keeps the air circulating, ensuring a more even, comfortable temperature throughout the home. More air is at the same time forced through the filter where impurities are removed, improving air quality.

A variable-speed air conditioner motor produces an energy efficiency gain of about 1 SEER, or Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, as defined by the Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute.

For more information about saving money and helping the environment with high efficiency air conditioning, follow this link. For an installation estimate or to schedule service in the Tampa Bay area, contact Simpson Air – The Coolest Guys in Town!