Two-Stage Air Conditioner Can Help Decrease Energy Bills

Two-stage cooling systems are a great match for the heat and humidity of the Tampa Bay area. This is especially true for homeowners we’ve heard from who are struggling with noisy, energy-guzzling systems that provide uneven or inadequate cooling.

The term “2 stage” describes an air conditioner or heat pump with a compressor capable of two levels of operation: high for extremely hot weather and low to handle moderate to mild days most efficiently. The system’s low setting will meet home-cooling demands much of the time — conserving energy while keeping you comfortable. In addition to energy savings, a 2 stage air conditioner has other advantages over a standard system:

  • It offers a longer product life, delaying replacements costs.
  • It runs more quietly, with no jarring transitions or sudden noises from the motor cycling on and off, as you can experience with a standard A/C system.
  • It offers constant temperatures and even cooling with gradual adjustments made as needed — no blasts of cool air from rough on/off transitions.
  • A 2 stage air conditioner helps compensate for expensive-to-correct design flaws such as inadequate filtration or a lack of air ducts in the home.
  • Many models use the new chlorine-free R-410A refrigerant, which meets federal government standards for environmental safety.
  • It’s compatible with humidity control systems and solar technology.
  • It can bring lower monthly utility costs and energy savings.
  • Rebates are available for many systems installed before the end of the year.

To learn more about 2 stage air conditioner systems, talk to an HVAC contractor. He or she should help you weigh the options and explain the rebates available. In the Tampa Bay area, please feel free to contact Simpson Air for expert advice.