Whole-House Air Purification System: A Convenient Way To Keep The Air Clean

whole house air purification system Tampa Bay areaHere’s a fact that my surprise you: the air in your house could contain more pollutants than the air you breathe outdoors. While you’re not likely to see evidence of the contaminants, you can be certain they are there. Microscopic  bacteria, viruses, mold spores, pollen, dust, shed skin and hair linger in the air you breathe inside your home. You can breathe a little easier, though, if you use an air-purification system to clean the air.

For those prone to allergy or susceptible to germs that can compromise health and accelerate the onset of illness, dirty indoor air is an enemy. For example, infants, the elderly, and asthmatic individuals are more vulnerable to harmful mold and airborne viruses. To clean the air, integrated air-purification systems use advanced filtration methods and germicidal technology.

Homeowners can employ a whole-house air-purification system, integrated into their HVAC system, for relief from indoor air contamination. As the HVAC system draws air in, that air will also pass through the air-purification equipment. When the air handler pushes purified, conditioned air out and into the home, that purified air is delivered to every square inch of your living space. With whole-house air purification systems, you can expect your system to outperform portable units, generally limited to one room, and have healthier air throughout your entire house.

When you’re ready to improve the quality of the air you breathe inside your home, give the experts at Simpson Air a call. Serving the Greater Tampa Bay area, our team of trained professionals will help you evaluate the indoor air solution you need to live a cleaner, healthier life. Take a deep breath, and call us today.

Indoor air quality image via Shutterstock.