With This Buyer’s Guide, Florida Homeowners Can Select A Heating System For Max Savings & Comfort

Selecting a new heating system is no small task, even in a relatively mild climate like Florida. Heating and cooling appliances are major investments that you want to last as long as possible. When selecting a new heating system, you should consider the ongoing costs that the new heating system you install will incur.

Weighing the following three factors can help you make an informed decision about your home investment:

  1. Efficiency – The energy efficiency of a heat pump, one of the more common heating system of choice for Floridians, is measured by its Heating Seasonal Performance Factor (HSPF) rating. This number basically tells you how much fuel consumed by the system is converted to heat; higher numbers indicate higher efficiency levels.
  2. Home Comfort – Although purchase price and energy efficiency are obviously important, the whole point of having a heating system is to keep your home comfortable. If it doesn’t achieve this, you are certainly not going to get the most from your investment. One of the critical components of maintaining home comfort is properly sizing your new system. Although it may seem like a quick calculation based on the square footage of your home, it’s not that simple – and it’s best to have a professional do it for you.
  3. Lifetime Costs – When investing in a new home-comfort system, you should consider both upfront costs and ongoing expenses. Higher efficiency units cost more, but the ongoing monthly expenses can be considerably less, so you should weigh both of these factors before you make your decision. The best way to decide is by estimating the monthly costs for different units. You can do this by working with your contractor to calculate estimated energy savings based on the efficiency of your existing heating system, historical energy usage, and the HSPF ratings of new models.

If you have never purchased a new heating system, it’s a good idea to have a professional walk you through the process. In addition to the considerations outlined above, your equipment must be appropriately sized and properly installed to maximize energy efficiency. Call the experts at Simpson Air to help you decide which new heating system is right for your home.