Freon Prices Are Going Up—Do You Really Want To Delay Buying That New Air Conditioner?

Running your air conditioner isn’t an inexpensive proposition. Unfortunately, it’s going to get more expensive if you have an older unit. The cost of R22, which older units use, is expected to triple this summer because of a phaseout ordered by the Environmental Protection Agency. R22 Freon is being replaced by a new, more environmentally friendly refrigerant. The old refrigerant is becoming increasingly scarce, thus the price spike.

By 2020, the old refrigerant will no longer be produced. What does this mean if you have an older unit? It means that now may be exactly the right time to replace your air conditioner — not only because of the R22 issue, but also because today’s air conditioners can run so efficiently, they can pay for themselves in just a few years. If your air conditioner is 10 years old, you could lower your cooling costs more than 20 percent by replacing your system with a high-efficiency unit, which uses just a fraction of the electricity that your present unit uses.

Ensuring that the new system is correctly sized could yield even greater savings. Over the years, you’ve probably made many energy-efficient improvements to your home, and your old system could well be too large for your current needs. A properly sized air conditioner will likely be smaller than what you have now and cost less to buy.

In the end, the R22 Freon phaseout could be exactly the motivation you’ve been waiting for to replace your old unit with one that saves you money over the long term. An added benefit is the quiet operation that today’s units afford. If you have any questions about the new refrigerant and the old refrigerant — or if you have any other concerns about heating and cooling, contact Simpson Air. Stop in or give us a call, and one of our friendly representatives will glad to assist you.

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