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Air Quality Solutions

Did you know that indoor air pollution in your Tampa Bay home is now considered by the EPA to be one of America’s most serious environmental health problems?

Requirements for newer homes are more stringent and new regulations require homes to be tightly sealed to decrease energy consumption.  The air conditioning systems in your home circulates pollutants that cause allergies, odors and illness called VOC’s (chemical odors).  With less chance of these VOC’s leaving your tightly sealed home, the need for good filtration has increased.

Good filtration (learn about Simpson triple ply filters), along with the Air Knight by Top Tech will attack these VOC’s and neutralize them with tiny oxide ions through a process called photo hydronization.  As air passes through the light chamber these ions attach themselves to the particulate to begin the process.  Ions continue to travel through the duct system with the air flow out on to all surfaces where germs and other pollutants are un-seen to the naked eye – oxidizing them so they can be lifted and caught in the ac filter and removed from your home.

Combining the Air Knight and good filtration in your home will greatly reduce odors, allergies and illness.  Learn more about the Air Knight solution in the video below:

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