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Simpson Triple Protection Air Filters

Our 3 ply filters are constructed using polyester fibers in a unique "formula" of different size fibers to form the three layers. The Triple Protection Air Filter's layers are designed to capture large particles throughout the entering layer and progressively smaller particles through the remaining two layers. A tackifier is applied to the final layer to stabilize any migrating particles and prevent these particles from being discharged into the air that everyone in your home breathes.

Layer 1 Layer 2 Layer 3
Large denier fibers are bonded to form an open "weave" designed to catch large particles. Medium denier fibers, made from recycled materials, capture smaller particles. Small denier fibers are used to capture fine particles. A tackifier is applied to the downstream side to hold particles in the filter.

Don't be fooled by the many pleated air filters you may find at your local home improvement store. A one inch pleated filter has less than a ¼ inch depth of filtering media! The Simpson Triple Protection Air Filter has approximately 2 inches depth of filtering media! The tightly woven pleat media allows dust to only collect on the surface, causing the filter to quickly clog up, thus reducing the life of the filter. Our Simpson Triple Protection Filter offers two times the life of the one inch pleated filter.

With your initial order of Simpson Triple Protection (S.T.P.) air filters our technician spend a few minutes setting up your existing filtering area to accommodate the S.T.P. filter(s). Your air filtering area will still accommodate your old style filter if you choose to go back to that level of filtration instead of your new Triple Protection air filter (not that you be willing to give-up the multi-layered benefits of improved air filtration).

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