Importance of Matching Condensing Unit with Indoor Coil

The new government standards for energy-efficiency have prompted many homeowners to replace their lower efficiency A/C units with ones that have a minimum SEER rating of 13. Doing so can cut energy bills by up to 30% and even reduce costly breakdowns and AC repairs over time.

However, the cost of switching over has some homeowners looking for ways to cut costs by replacing certain parts on their old system as they fail, instead of replacing the whole unit. Your air conditioning condensing unit and indoor coil are designed to work together for maximum efficiency and performance, so keep in mind that they need to match.

If you install a new high-efficiency outdoor unit, but don’t include a new, equally efficient and properly matched indoor unit, the results could be reduced comfort, frustrating and costly repairs and higher energy bills. Replacing just one of your cooling system’s units may seem like a cheaper alternative to replacement up front, but it won’t give you the best value in the long run. Most likely, the system will still operate, but it won’t give you the energy-efficiency you’re expecting and you won’t get the level of comfort you want.

And worse, an improperly matched indoor and outdoor air conditioning condensing unit can create stress on your cooling system, possibly resulting in equipment breakdown.

Air conditioning systems are just that–several components designed to work together in order to provide ideal home comfort. Manufacturers purposely design condenser coils and evaporator coils to work together, in order for homeowners to get the best possible efficiency, reliability, and operation out of their system.

Your HVAC contractor should always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for matching the various components on your A/C system. For any air conditioning system to give you its rated efficiency and performance, both the outside air conditioning condensing unit and the indoor cooling coil must be matched. For example, if you have a new condensing unit put in, but don’t have the indoor coil updated, you won’t get the maximum cooling energy efficiency.

Ask us about the importance of matching your air conditioning condensing unit to your indoor coil. We can give you the information you need to know when it comes time to replace your A/C system for better energy efficiency.