Variable-Speed Air Handlers Are Better At Handling Humidity, Too

Homeowners in the Tampa Bay area often use dehumidifiers or single-speed air handlers – the indoor part of your central A/C system – to reduce humidity. These same folks often complain of high utility bills, noise, inconsistent temperatures and poor performance. If you’re experiencing these problems, a variable-speed air handler might help.

The variable-speed fan motor in such an air handler runs at a range of speeds, allowing it to precisely control the flow of cooled air throughout your home’s ductwork. The fan of a single-speed model runs at one speed – high – all the time, turning on and off throughout the day. The more “intelligent” variable-speed air handler only works as hard as it needs to, when it needs to, cycling up and down for an even temperature and humidity level. Variable-speed air handlers have these advantages:

  • They are powerhouses when it comes to removing humidity from the air.
  • They work with your air filtration system for cleaner air.
  • These air handlers control the home’s temperature and humidity smoothly, without the abrupt transitions and blasts of cold air you get from the one-speed units.
  • They run more quietly, because they are able to power up and down gradually and because they run at low speed most of the time.
  • They offer a chance to cut your utility bills, because they work more efficiently.

The bottom line: Variable-speed air handlers offer consistent, quiet comfort at a lower long-term cost.

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