Good Maintenance Important For Comfort and Health

Air conditioning is one of the big conveniences of modern life. Unfortunately, many homeowners simply assume that it will always be there for them and neglect its care.  The fact is, your A/C is not something that you can just “set and forget.”  You need to keep up with air conditioning maintenance; otherwise, one day you might find out what a hot, humid Southwest Florida day really feels like.

Regardless of what kind of air conditioning system you have installed, your best bet is to call your local HVAC contractor and have a qualified professional handle its maintenance.

Here at Simpson, we like to do professional air conditioning maintenance at least once a year, to ensure that your system is functioning properly and efficiently.  Why is this important?  Obviously, your home comfort depends upon it.  But, did you know that a well-maintained air conditioning system can also save you up to 30% on your energy bills?

This could add up to significant savings for you.  During your air conditioning maintenance visit, your Simpson tech will perform the following inspections:

  • Refrigerant check-  The refrigerant in your system will be measured to determine if it needs recharging. Undercharged units tend to be less efficient.
  • Airflow- The airflow over the cooling coils will be measured to ensure adequate flow. Inadequate airflow is a common problem, and correcting it can increase your efficiency up to 10%!
  • Component inspection- The motors, compressor, air handler, ducts, coils and air filters will all be inspected and the coils, drain pan and drain line will be thoroughly cleaned.

Good air conditioning maintenance also improves your indoor air quality, as a properly functioning A/C system will be able to remove excess moisture from the air.  This reduces the growth of mold and other contaminants.  Contact us to schedule your air conditioning maintenance.  We can help you keep your unit running efficiently for years to come.