How Can You Solve The Indoor Air Quality Problems In Your Home? Try These Three Solutions

improving indoor air quality tips Tampa Bay, FL areaThe indoor air quality of your Florida home is affected by several different factors. Elements such as the amount of ventilation, the number of contaminants and any filtration systems inside your home or ductwork can change the air quality of your home. Dirty air can cause many problems, including respiratory issues, illnesses and headaches. You can prevent many of these problems by improving the air quality inside your home.

The best way to improve indoor air quality is to use a multi-step approach.

  • Source Control: Source control is one of the best ways to prevent poor indoor air quality. Simply put, source control involves eliminating sources of pollution, like having experts seal or remove asbestos from the walls of your home; replacing appliances with harmful emissions, such as gas stoves, with units that have lower emissions; removing dust particles frequently; and brushing pets often to remove pet hair in a controlled environment.
  • Ventilation: Improving the ventilation of your home is another effective way to upgrade the quality of air inside your home, because many HVAC systems do not bring fresh air into the home. Opening doors and windows can introduce fresh air inside the home. Making use of vent fans and attic fans can also remove dirty air from inside and bring fresh air in.
  • Air Cleaners: Air cleaners help keep the air inside your home clean. Particle air cleaners, such as HEPA filters, trap dust particles and other contaminants and prevent them from filtering through your duct system. Electronic air cleaners encourage contaminants to stick to the air cleaner’s surface, removing them from the air.
  • Humidity: A home with high humidity levels can also cause indoor air quality problems. Florida has naturally high humidity, which can lead to the growth of mold spores, mildew and dust mites inside the home. You can control some of this growth with the use of a dehumidifier that will remove excess moisture from the air.

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