Is It Possible To Dust-Proof Your Home? Here Are Five Strategies To Try

Dust mites are live microorganisms, or bugs, that live off of the dead skin cells of humans and animals. Commonly found in your bedding, clothing, carpet, couch and other furnishings, it is impossible to totally remove this culprits. You can, however, use dust-proofing strategies in your home to improve your indoor air quality:

  • Use your cooling system when cleaning as part of your dust-proofing regime. Every time you vacuum, the machine creates a dust storm. This dust then settles on surfaces and floors throughout your home. You can counteract this action by turning your thermostat’s setting to the “fan on” position as you clean. The fan will then suck in the dust-ridden air into the system and simultaneously clean it via its air filter.
  • Replace HVAC filters regularly. Filters attract dust particles at a rapid rate, and in order to continue trapping particles, the filter’s surface must be clean. So change them regularly, generally once a month when you use your cooling and heating systems often.
  • Invest in an air purifier. Since indoor air is generally more polluted than even outdoor air, using an air purifier can play a key role in keeping the air throughout your home clean. Air purifiers use a variety of technology to target specific classes of pollutants. Contact your local HVAC contractor for help selecting a system that will suit your needs.
  • Keep your HVAC equipment in good shape with preventive maintenance, a key factor to living comfortably in the South Florida region. In addition to regular filter changes, scheduling regular maintenance inspections can help keep your indoor air free of pollutants.
  • Reduce your home’s humidity level. Humidity is a part of life for homeowners located in South Florida. Dust mites thrive in high humidity, leading to the increased risk of causing allergic reactions. Adding a humidity control device, such as the Infinity Control, to your cooling system will help kill the dust mites and make your living environment more comfortable.

For more information on dust-proofing strategies for keeping your home environment clean and cool in the Tampa Bay area, contact Simpson Air today!