Need Preventive Maintenance? Simpson Air Values Its Customers With VIP Plan and Other Specials

Tampa Bay residents have to rely on their air conditioning systems to make life comfortable during the long, hot summers. Without these systems, life would come to a grinding halt, taking us back to the long summer days of sitting on the front porch with a cold lemonade, just waiting for the next breeze to cool us off. Many homes don’t even have front porches today, and waiting for a breeze just doesn’t cut it. You expect a lot from your A/C system, and regular maintenance helps it to run well.

Without preventive maintenance, several things can go wrong. First, your A/C won’t operate at peak efficiency. Regular maintenance helps to prevent:

  • Buildup of dirt and grit on coils, for example, which places an increased demand on the A/C’s operations, wasting energy and decreasing comfort levels.
  • Inadequate lubrication. Without regular lubrication, your A/C’s motor works harder and can cause the unit to break down.
  • Poor airflow. The airflow of the system — caused by poorly maintained filters, for example — is also critical for the motor and blower to operate at peak capacity.

While it makes sense that an air conditioner needs regular preventive maintenance, you might find it difficult to find money in your budget to pay for it. Simpson Air understands the economic pressures that homeowners face, and we provide regular specials to help you make maintenance a reality.

To help you get maximum efficiency and life span from your A/C, we offer VIP membership. Membership is available to customers in return for repeat service. Using the same technicians for your maintenance also helps you, because you get an HVAC contractor familiar with your system, keeping a watchful eye on system performance.

VIPs are eligible to receive discounts that we don’t advertise to other customers. You also get access to coupons. We regularly offer specials to our VIPs for maintenance services, such as price breaks on routine checkups and full-fledged maintenance services, as well as repairs and filters.

Why not take advantage of Simpson Air’s specials for your systems’ valuable preventive maintenance? Contact us today to take advantage of VIP membership and other specials.